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Sketchbook / notebook “osmyslennaya zhizn’ / conscious life”

A conscious thing. Suitable for notes and drawing. Blank cover may be arranged according to your liking, either horizontally or vertically.


9,5–11,5 EUR / 10,5–12,5 USD*

* Choose the price within the given range.

for records and sketches (it may become your artist’s book, and we will publish it  ^__^  )

для записей и зарисовок (может стать Вашей книгой художника, а мы её издадим))

thick, but lightweight!

толстый и... лёгкий!

adaptable: two white covers, square, can be rotated spiral up or sideways

адаптируемый под себя: две белые обложки, квадратный, можно повернуть спиралью вверх или вбок

ideal for a new stage of life

идеален, чтобы начать новый этап жизни

для записей и зарисовок (может стать Вашей книгой художника, а мы её издадим))

толстый и... лёгкий!

адаптируемый под себя: две белые обложки, квадратный, можно повернуть спиралью вверх или вбок

идеален, чтобы начать новый этап жизни



From the head of “YuIzdat”

Dear friends,

It seems to me I have finally found, from my point of view, a perfect version of a notepad, and then followed the idea that the good should be shared.


The hard covers make it convenient to use the sketchbook in midair and thanks to the spiral fastening you can fold the block as you please. In addition, you can attach a writing tool, the bookmark-tag or whatever you like to the spiral. The snow-white front cover can be changed/decorated according to your taste. There are unlined pages inside, and you may write and draw (an eraser rather simply removes a soft pencil) –– in this regard I think of the diaries of Frida Kahlo and Paul Gauguin. You also can tear out the sheets, because they are without pagination, and hold the notebook horizontally and vertically. The paper is pleasant to the sense of touch, it is loose and feels as a “real” paper. Besides, please pay attention to the volume! Convenience and economy were joined in it.


Another significant point is that I wanted that thing could become your own. That is why the cover and pages are blank, the information about the sketchbook is placed on a functional tag, tied by me personally. If you decide not to use it, you can take it off. At the same time, I considered it reasonable and appropriate to indicate the authorship of the publishing house, so you see two inscriptions on the back cover: the address of the website and “osmyslennaya zhizn’ / conscious life”. By fixing our thoughts and feelings, our inner life, as Virginia Woolf put it (if I understand this combination of words correctly), we make our life more meaningful. Perhaps, we will not be happier in the result, but what is more blissful than flashes, insights of awareness and understanding? Anyway, to my mind, a conscious life is the only thing that really makes sense. However, this is just the author’s opinion, and the notepad somewhat accompanies the book “Conscious Management…”, but it is valuable and good in itself.

title: “osmyslennaya zhizn’ / conscious life”

product: notebook / sketchbook

idea Yuliya Selivanova

designed by Elizaveta Zalieva

manufactured in Saint Petersburg for “ЮИздат / YuIzdat”

dimensions: block 19,6 х 19,6 x 3 cm, with a spiral 19,6 х 22,8 х 4,3 cm

number of sheets: 150, non-paginated

fastening: hard covers, black spiral

page paper: produced in Finland, unlined

tag paper: eco-friendly –– entirely from waste paper, bleached without chlorine

weight: approx. 600 gr

design: print on a back cover, tag-bookmark on a thread

number of copies (ex.): 15

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