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Welcome to the website of

“ЮИздат / YuIzdat” publishing house!

“YuIzdat” is a young publishing house based in Saint Petersburg. It was organized by the museologist Yuliya Selivanova in order to issue books without which “life is not called life”* and make them artful, as well as conceptual souvenirs: items associated with the publisher’s books.

* The phrase from the song of “Los Panchos” (“la vida no se llama vida”), quoted by Pedro Almodóvar in his essay.

Yuliya Selivanova “Conscious Management of a State Museum in Russia: Notes on the Principles and Instruments”

The creation of the publishing house is the first step towards the future Museum of the Artist’s Book, considered as a branch of artRelated work is presented in “Museum Projects” section. There you can also find the collection “Library of Mikhail Karasik” of the Saint-Petersburg Literary Museum “XX century” and a separate page with links to thematic resources and materials.

The site will be gradually filled and updated. Therefore, we invite you to come here often and to sign up for the monthly newsletter.

See you soon!

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