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“Book Calendar” for 2020 with graphics by Elizaveta Zalieva

Wall calendar, inventively playing upon images of the “YuIzdat’s” future books. A kind of art album and conceptual piece in the genre of calendar. For connoisseurs of graphics and booklovers, especially for those in love with Saint Petersburg and Moscow.


from 22,5 EUR / 27 USD*

* You may set a higher price.

an interior decoration, pleasure to the eye

graphics by Elizaveta Zalieva, created especially for the calendar!

food for thought: allusions on existing places, persons and works of art (identify them all! ^__^ )

an exceptionally precious gift: exclusive item!




Publisher’s word

Dear friends, this calendar is dedicated to books I would like to put out. (Publisher’s portfolio made clear as day.) By imagining these books as already existing and in a suitable, to my mind, entourage, we also exercise: by experiencing the feeling of the dream came true, we try to help this happen. Simultaneously, this idea can be considered as an occasion for creating a thing, which will be pleasant to look at for at least a year.


The calendar as a whole, is similar to an album with stickers, for my opinion. Each spread of the calendar is a graphic composition full of details and meanings, and it indirectly tells about a book or books: their content, purpose, prospective readers, and so on. An attentive eye will be able to distinguish much of what is familiar in settings chosen for the calendar, and someone can even recognize themselves. The last spread contains a form for a year-long reading list with our unassumingly added ideas.

I thank Natalia Ponomareva, the owner of the beauty salon “Fantasy”, for telling me about the “dreaming technique”. Natalia’s example is extremely contagious and inspiring!

I would like to add that if you are ready to help the publishing house to release the books from the pages of calendar or support “YuIzdat” in another way, please do it.

title: “Book Calendar”

product: wall calendar for 2020

idea Yuliya Selivanova

graphics and design by Elizaveta Zalieva

corrector Anna Slashcheva

printed in Saint Petersburg

size: folded 28 х 28 cm, open 28 х 56 cm

number of sheets: 26, non-paginated

fastening: paperback, stapler staples

cover and page paper: 250 g/m2 density

weight: approx. 250 gr

design: round hole at the top/bottom of every page except the last

year: 2019

number of copies (ex.): 20

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