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Bookmarks-postcards “Collective Memory”
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Multifunctional cards in Russian and English for those who prefer paper books, send paper letters, collect postcards and look for present ideas and. Quotations on different life occasions are selected and handwritten by the “YuIzdat” collective: for you from us.


from 3,3 EUR / 3,5 USD*

* You may set a price yourself and thus support the publishing house.

three-in-one! bookmark, postcard, gift note

vintage form of the cards, eco-friendly print

8 non-/serious, stoically optimistic and other statements on existential topics

made with respect to the copyright owners!



An extensive statement from the publisher

Friends and colleagues, I would like to introduce a little, but big work.

Let’s begin with the visual characteristics. You noted, of course, that the bookmarks-postcards reproduce the form of index card, which is so familiar to many of us and is associated with places where cultural wealth is concentrated. On the front side there is only a quote, the design of which is based on (like the “YuIzdat” logo is based on my handwritten note) the writing styles of our command. The absence of the quotation’s author name (credits are on the reverse) invites you to make a guess. It also expresses the idea that what was once spoken becomes common property, it often fuses with us so thoroughly, that is pronounced as words of one own. Such an appropriation or joining to the opinion of another is undoubtedly an opportunity to enrich your life, including by acquisition of a like-minded person.

The publishing house in a measure pursues the same goal. The concept of “Collective Memory” is twofold. By design, the items in the collection are multifunctional: they can serve as bookmarks or greeting cards, mailed as postcards**, used as interior decoration, tell a fortune, etcetera, and in these ways may become widely distributed. Speaking of content, the set includes sayings that are important for the participants/members of the creative team. By shedding light on our values and views, we, a young organization, can get acquainted with you, we hope to find and attract more allies, comrades. At the same time, “YuIzdat” independently builds its image and world from publisher’s production in a broad sense. As you can see, results are self-valuable, aesthetically attractive objects, full with energy and conceptually. Hurry to (re)charge! ^_^

** Please keep in mind that the dimensions of the postcards are non-standard: for example, smaller than the Russian post recommends. Nevertheless, experiments with sending them around Saint Petersburg were succeded.

We are grateful to Natalia Samoilovna Mavlevich and Lev Yakovlevich Lur’e for permission to publish the quotations.

To be continued!

title: “Collective Memory”

product:bookmarks-postcards and loose leaf in packaging

idea Yuliya Selivanova and Elizaveta Zalieva

design and layot by Elizaveta Zalieva, used handwriting examples of all four publishing house’s employees

English translation: Yuliya Selivanova and Anna Slashcheva

editor: Tatiana Burkova

English editor, proofreader: Anna Slashcheva

manufactured in Saint Petersburg

dimensions: each card 7,5 х 12,5 cm

paper: ecofriendly –– made entirely from waste paper, no-chlorine bleaching, 300 gr/m2 (card), 120 gr/m2 (loose leaf)

weight: set in packaging approx. 50 gr

year: 2020

design: round hole at the top of each card, fastened with removable thread, packed in translucent paper

number of copies (ex.): 130

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